When you have located and clicked on your EVENT BANNER from the main page,
Locate and click on your TEAM and/or PLAYER Folder...
This is what you will see......

THUMBNAILS are on the left                                  and a LARGE image is on the right

Single click on a "Thumbnail" on this side....                                        and the image will change on this side.        

When you find an Image that you like on the RIGHT side of the screen, here are your options..
Clicking on this button will send you a link to your
email, that will allow you to Download ALL the
images in this Gallery at one time!!!
allow you to purchase...

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4" x 6" Prints...$0.99
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8" x 10" Prints...$2.99
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Clicking on this button will automatically
DOWNLOAD this SINGLE Image to your
computer's Hard Drive.
Once, you have downloaded the photos, you can Print them at home for FREE!!!!
or take them to your Favorite lab (ie. WalGreens, CostCo, etc., etc) for Printing....